NFT’s and Crypto

What you need to know to learn about the blockchain, AI art, and making money today!

It’s easier than you think…

We’ve all heard the term NFT and Crypto. Usually it causes eyes to glaze over and severe mental blocks to fortify the mind against new and potentially confusing tech.

STOP! Let me make this really easy for you. Would you like to learn without risk? When I first got curious enough to dip my toe into the world of Crypto, I would have never done it without DeSo. DeSo, or Decentralized Social Media, came onto my radar not for NFTs or Crypto, but as a potential way to get paid for all of my content that I have been creating over the past 4 years.

Once I looked into it, however, I quickly realized that the platform isn’t ready for the content creators like me, with epoxy resin art. But, there’s a huge market for NFTs. NFTs, in a nutshell, are digital copies of your art. Don’t glaze over on me, AI will create all of the art for you for free, to start.  Using the DeSo network, you can learn how to create and sell NFTs easily and completely free. How, you ask? 

Let me explain a little bit so it’s easier to understand. The blockchain, AKA Crypto, allows developers to create apps that all pull from the same data pool. Imagine Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube all pulling account data and logging interactions all in one pool. What this means is that developers can create any app front-end using the data pool on the DeSo blockchain.

On desktop, you can use for a Twitter like experience, for NFTs, and more that do things like Linkedin, YouTube, and Instagram like apps. On mobile you can use Desofy to access the network. By creating an account, which is completely anonymous, you are putting your toe in the water. DeSo provides all new accounts with enough DeSo to begin your crypto journey. You can start creating posts like twitter, Facebook, ect, and people that see your post can diamond your post. Diamonds are micro tips. They are fractions of Deso. Typically a tip is less than a penny. It adds up.

To get some fresh art for your new NFT journey, head on over to and join the discord server. Watch one of many MidJourney for beginners videos on YouTube. I will link one below:

Once you have the hang of creating with MidJourney, you have money in hand. Now you just need to sell it. One option is NFTs on the Blockchain. DeSo has a great App that focuses solely on NFTs. Check out NFTz.Me to see my collection on the DeSo network. This is also an amazing place to learn about NFTs without risking anything. Creating NFTs on DeSo is free. This is a great way to get diamonds for tips.

Just posting and sharing your art, even if you don’t mint an NFT, will get people to give you tips. Tips add up. So do followers. As you learn and grow, you may need to cash out. You can use Coinbase to buy, sell, and trade DeSo.

If you got value from this, go and grab one of my NFTs. They cost less than .01!!! LOL  

Here are a couple of other business ideas that you can use to generate income with your AI images. Be sure to look into an AI resizing program to get the images from Midjourney to a larger size without losing quality. Watch videos on Midjourney to understand how to get the largest size, with the best quality, out of the most current version of Midjourney.

  1. Sell on stock image websites like Adobe Stock:

2. Sell T-Shirts and other custom Merch: