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New Psychedelic Merch

NFT Collections

My journey into NFTs has been brief. While they are a fun and interesting utility, I think the days of making easy money with them are gone. Too many people used them to scam and rug pull. I think they are really cool and offer a new way to distribute your AI Generated art.

That being said, that just leaves the collectors, the connoisseurs. It’s easy to see the progression in my NFT creation and I have left it as I published it. The majority of my work is on the Deso network, the rest are on Opensea. You can grab my art on Deso for under $1 ea.

I have taken a short break so that I can organize my art and get it ready for distribution. I will be minting new collections soon. If you are a collector, please view my work and see if anything interests you.

DeSo Network


OpenSea Collection


Epoxy Resin

Learn, explore, and create using epoxy resin. Here you will find blogs and info to help inspire you in your creative journey.