Sakolla Crystal Gem Silicone Fondant Mold for Cake Decoration, Candle, Isomalt Gems, Polymer Clay – Set of 4

  • Multical Function: food grade, food and non-food use separately.for casting, soap, wax, liquid clay DIY crafting, crystal jewelry making projects, isomalt making, cake decoration, cupcake toppers decorating, making edible sugar crystals, chocolate candy baking.
  • Safe Quality: food grade, food and non-food use separately.
  • Color combinations are endless. Sizes are large enough for different types of crafting projects or baking ideas. 1 step easy to use to make soap or resin gems, no need to be re-cut or re-shape.
  • Suggestion: using rubber band to secure the silicone mold together when pouring, or you may stick them together to avoid leakage. Start in the middle of the mold, pour a thin ribbon and more better, tape.
  • Attention: when you are using isomalt, heat a paring knife with torch lighter, then slide knife on edge of isomalt crystals, it will get rid of bubbles and bring back the shine of the isomalt. And you may also highlight color powders on the crystals if like. 

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