FUNSHOWCASE Pyramid Cone Cube Geometric Resin Silicone Molds Pack of 4 Trays, Gloves-2-Pairs, 100ml-Rubber-Measuring-Cup, 50-Wood-Stir-Sticks

  • Package includes 4 clear casting geometry molds ( square based pyramid, triangle based pyramid, cube, cone ), 2 pairs of gloves, 100ml rubber measuring cup, wooden stirring craft sticks 50-count
  • Make varied of resin art works, such as landscape, paperweight, earrings, necklace pendant, LED inlay lamp, ocean in cube, ring cone, orgone, chakra stone and more
  • Essential resin casting kit and resin jewelry molds. Beginner friendly. And can make with various of materials ( non-food and food ), such as soap, candle, wax, plaster, isomalt and more. Transparent silicone molds allow you to observe the manufacturing process better.

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